How Wilderness Programs Help Troubled Teens

No matter how good parents are, some teens are more susceptible to bad behavior than others. Finding help for your child is the best thing that you can do and teen wilderness programs are one option available. Before enrolling your child onto one, it is important to know the details of one of these programs.

Short Period for Help

The wilderness camps often run between six to eight weeks but there are some that will last up to 90 days. They are a short program than many other options out there, such as residential programs and speciality boarding schools. They are a popular step for parents looking to introduce their child to a program to help with their behavior.

Therapy Sessions Out in the Wild

Some programs include therapy while camping. These are usually group sessions on a daily basis, often before going to bed. They allow the teenagers to talk to one another and a professional and understand more about their behavior. The sessions will not go in as much depth as those within boarding schools and residential programs but they offer the initial help. Not all wilderness camps will be able to offer this as it depends on the leaders.

Learn Teamwork, Self-Confidence and Responsibilities

The main benefit of these camps is that teenagers are able to learn more about responsibilities and working as a team. On some occasions they will act as leaders and instruct the team, which will help to build self-confidence. There are a variety of tasks that children will have to complete while out in the wilderness, including camping and hiking.

Teens will also gain some independence while out in the wild and understand what is expected of them when they are at home. They can help to change a child’s behavior quickly as they want that independence when they return home. They are a non-confrontational method, which also helps.

There are many different wilderness programs available and it can be difficult for parents to choose the right one. Parent Resources is able to help. We offer a free consultations, where you can ask all the questions you have and explain your child’s behavior. This allows the us to explain the benefits of the programs and offer advice on the best one for your child’s needs. It will help increase the chance of your teenager getting the right help and may avoid rehab centers or boarding schools.