Information About Treatment Centers For Methamphetamine

What Are Some of The Challenges That A Methamphetamine Addict Faces On The Road to Recovery?

The road to recovering from a methamphetamine addiction is anything but easy. During the initial period of abstinence, a meth addict’s decision making skills, memory and concentration are severely compromised. Those things make it very difficult for a meth addict to go through treatment.

A recovering meth addict may also suffer from depression. This depression can be overwhelming, which is why some meth addicts relapse 45 days after they have achieved sobriety. It is also important to note that it takes a very long time to recover from a meth addiction. Some meth addicts suffer irreversible damage.

An Overview of What Goes On In Treatment Centers for Methamphetamine Addiction

Because it takes a very long time for a person to completely recover from a meth addiction, a good treatment program will last at least three months. There are some programs that last a year. Detox is the first step in meth addiction treatment. It typically lasts about two weeks. For many people, this is the most difficult part of treatment. Hunger, depression and fatigue are some of the withdrawal symptoms that may be present in a person who is in the detox phase. Some people are required to get medical attention because the symptoms are so severe.

Cognitive-behavior therapy, which is a form of therapy that helps patients understand the feelings and thoughts that contribute to certain behaviors, is an important part of meth addiction treatment. Treatment centers also have professional medical personnel on staff to address the health issues that a person may be facing as a result of his or her meth addiction, such as nutritional deficiencies and dental problems.

Furthermore, many meth addicts use alcohol and marijuana. Some addicts do not think that alcohol and marijuana use is a big deal. However, studies have shown that meth addicts who use alcohol and marijuana are much more likely to relapse. For that reason, a good treatment program also places emphasis on treating marijuana and alcohol abuse.

My Teen Is A Meth Addict. What Should I Do Now?

If your teen is a meth addict, then you should contact us as soon as possible. We will give you a free consultation, which will help you find the right meth treatment program for your child.