Treatment Centers For Heroin

Facing a child’s heroin addiction is enormously challenging, but it is a challenge that can be surmounted. Seeking help from experienced professionals at our treatment centers for heroin is the first step toward your child’s recovery. Heroin addiction is treatable, but it becomes more difficult as a person grows older. Getting an addicted child into appropriate treatment as early as possible can greatly increase the chances of a full and lasting recovery from heroin addiction.

Treatment centers for heroin understand that core issues of low-self-esteem and worthlessness must be addressed in all persons facing heroin addiction — especially children. Abusive and restrictive settings are counterproductive to addiction treatment goals. By working to renew the child’s sense of self-esteem and confidence, treatment centers for heroin build a strong core foundation making the other methods of treatment more effective.

There have been many advances in the treatment of heroin addiction in recent decades. Addiction specialists have come to agree that the most successful approach involves both pharmaceutical treatments along with behavioral therapy. Treatment can be provided in either an outpatient or residential setting depending on the specific treatment needs of the individual and family.

Methadone has 50 year history of success as a non-intoxicating, synthetic opiate that blocks the euphoric actions of heroin while eliminating craving and withdrawal symptoms. The newer drug buprenorphine is a non-addictive alternative to methadone that can be prescribed by private doctors. People taking methadone or buprenorphine can safely drive vehicles and engage in other normal activities while they make the behavioral changes needed for a heroin free life. These medications can also be used long term with little risk of adverse side-effects.

Effective behavioral therapies include cognitive-behavioral therapy which assists clients in learning new skills for dealing with dysfunctional emotions and behaviors. Contingency management therapy uses a system of tangible rewards to guide recovering addicts toward healthy life choices. Both of these therapeutic approaches have a proven success record for treatment of heroin addiction.

Each person who struggles with heroin addiction needs and deserves an individualized treatment plan that meets their personal needs as closely as possible. Parents of addicted teens also need and deserve support and individual attention. Contact us 24 hours a day, 7 days a week for a private consultation on how a treatment center for heroin addicted youth can help your child permanently overcome his or her heroin addiction problem.