Treatment Centers For Anorexia Nervosa

Treatment centers for anorexia nervosa are necessary for anyone suffering from the disorder. You might think that this is just a phase or that the problem is not serious enough, however, early intervention is the key. People who are treated for this condition early on tend to do better than those who let it go untreated for years. Learn about what you can do if your teen is struggling with anorexia.

The First Steps

Learn about the warning signs of anorexia. Try having an open dialog with your teen, and show him or her that you are concerned. If you suspect that your teen does have anorexia, then you must seek professional medical help.

Treatment Plans

Anorexia is best treated by a team of professionals. These include medical professionals like doctors and nurses, as well as mental professionals like psychologists. Other medical staff like dietitians may also become involved. Any medical issues must be dealt with first. Electrolyte imbalances, dehydration, and other conditions associated with starvation are first corrected. If a patient is unable to eat, nutrition will be given in liquid form. Once the immediate health risks are corrected, the emotional and mental healing begin. Patients learn how to manage their eating by learning proper nutrition. They also work on body image and other emotional issues surrounding their condition. Family is also very important, and parents need to learn how to physically and emotionally support their child. For example, parents must learn how to create a normal eating pattern, and how to promote a positive body image. Family, group, and individual counseling is often used to help the parents and siblings.

After Treatment

This is a condition that is tough to overcome. It is common for people to relapse and fall back into unhealthy habits. Therefore, continuing treatment is necessary. Psychological counseling is used to help teach positive ways of coping with stress and how to prevent a relapse. This is an ongoing process, and recovery may take years.

What To Do Now

Contact us to help you find the resources you need for your teen.  We can give you options and provide a free consultation to start your teen on the path of recovery. Anorexics do best when the problem is dealt with immediately, this is a serious condition that will only get worse as time goes by. Get your family the help they need.