Three Basic Styles of Parenting

Parenting is one of those things that come naturally to most people. Although it doesn’t come with manuals or definite rules, people learn it as they go. Many things happen like second nature, like clothing, feeding, or looking after a child. But, when the child grows and more kids are added to the family, parenting can become a mere way to handle the everyday needs of a child, and they get lost in the process.

This is probably the reason why now more than ever, many parents feel the need for some help and guidance on how to become a good parent to their children.

When it comes to parenting, there are three basic styles you have to be familiar with to know how to become a good parent to your child or children.

Permissive Parenting Style

A permissive parent is one who allows the child to have control. In permissive parenting, there are usually just a few rules, with the rules often too lax. Most of the time, broken rules are not enforced or recognized. Parents using this style of parenting feel that their kids have to become free thinkers, and must have the ability to explore and discover the world then learn on their own with no need to be held down by strict structure or rules. This parenting style often has lots of warmth and affection.

The only downside, however, is that the children don’t learn rules which are usually necessary. They just learn that whatever they do, whether wrong or right, they will not get punished. It could lead to lifelong rebelling against any form of structure or rule.

Authoritarian Parenting Style

This is a parenting style based on control. In this particular style, the parent maintains total control all the time. This style also has strict schedules and rules. Parents are ruling the kids with iron fists. There are no exceptions to rules, and punishments are given in a very prompt and orderly manner when required.

The disadvantage of authoritarian parenting style is the fact that this doesn’t give way for a lot of warmth or affection. Since children who grew up with this style of parenting are not given the freedom to think or make decisions by themselves, they usually grow with issues thinking for themselves.

Democratic Parenting Style

The democratic parenting style is the combination of permissive and authoritarian parenting styles. Democratic parents set necessary rules then enforce them yet they also take every situation as it comes. Typically, the punishment is discussed with the children. The foremost interest of democratic parents is to ensure that their kids understand why rules are put in place and why certain behaviors are unacceptable.

Democratic parenting style is all about letting children aware of when they do something good and bad while seeing to it why it is bad. This parenting style is where children and parents work together. Kids raised this way grow up respecting their parents and can handle problems and conflicts in reasonable manner.