Recognizing The Symptoms Of Teen Depression

Teen depression should be taken very seriously. Knowing what the signs are can enable parents, friends or teachers to help a teen get the necessary support to deal with their condition.

Depression: Beyond Moods
It can be easy to dismiss your child’s unhappiness as hormonal or normal. However, depression goes beyond just regular moodiness or sadness.

This condition affects everything in the teen’s life. School performance will drop, friends will be lost and you may notice that the adolescent is no longer interested in many of the activities once enjoyed.

While some blue periods are perfectly normal during the transition to adulthood, it is not normal for them to last. Ups and downs come and go, but depression casts a fog over the affected person’s entire life and it does not lift.

Symptoms of Teen Depression
Realizing that a teen is depressed is the first step to getting them the right help. A depressed teen may:

- Feel worthless
- Contemplate suicide or self harm
- Act exhausted all the time
- Cry frequently
- Be irritable or hostile and angry
- Pull away from loved ones and friends
- Feel sadness and hopelessness
- Show a lack of interest in nearly everything
- Have trouble concentrating
- Change their eating habits
- Change their sleeping habits
- Act restless or agitated
- Suffer from frequent headaches or stomachaches

When these symptoms continue for more than a week or two, it is likely that this is not a passing phase. Instead of usual teen angst, you are dealing with full blown depression.

Without help, which only 1 in 5 depressed teens receive, these problems can continue into adulthood or even result in suicide at a young age.

Teens who talk about death and suicide frequently, in a romanticized manner, or by making jokes, may be at risk. You should also beware if the young person is involved in risky behavior or frequent accidents or overly interested in weapons.

Fortunately, there is help available for teens who need it. Many parents do not realize this, however, and they don’t know where to find it. Like anyone in the depths of depression, it is easy to feel as if there is no hope. And, in the case of adolescents, help may require adult involvement. Teachers or parents are the ones who can find the necessary aid for their students or children. can help you help a teen suffering from teen depression. Once you have seen the symptoms, getting aid is the best way to prevent a lifetime of difficulties.

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