Residential Treatment Centers For Girls With Anorexia

Anorexia is a problem that many girls suffer from. Some want to be thin like the models they see in magazines, while others are attempting to lose weight quickly to get away from bullying at school. Residential Treatment Centers for Girls with Anorexia are available and help in many different ways. Here are some ways that your daughter will overcome anorexia by visiting a residential treatment center.

Learn More About the Damage

Anorexia causes damage to the body, including lowering the metabolism, eating away at muscle and causing excess stress on the heart. The treatment centers will help to teach your daughter about the damage that she is doing to her body by using pictures and talks from others who have suffered from and beaten anorexia.

Learn More About Healthy Eating

Another benefit to the centers is that there is the chance to learn more about eating healthily. The staff will help your daughter reach a healthy BMI and maintain that. It is not all about the calories in the food but about the amount of protein, carbohydrates and fat. The treatment center will help to teach your daughter that eating chips, chocolate and sweets is fine in moderation and that eating three balanced and healthy meals every day is the best thing for gaining a suitable weight.

Help Treat the Reason

While it is possible to treat the symptoms of anorexia, it is important to get to the reason behind it. Girls suffer from anorexia for many different reasons and these residential schools are full of trained therapists to help understand more about the reasons for eating so little and how to overcome them. One of the biggest benefits of these residential centers is that others suffering from anorexia will be there at the same time. This gives the girls a chance to forge friendships and talk to each other about their common problem.

Help Improve Body Image and Self-Esteem

The trained professionals will also help your daughter improve her self-esteem and body image. These are important to help fight anorexia forever. The professionals will also offer tips and advice so your daughter can go home and continue to fight her anorexia. This is not something that she will get over overnight and having the tools to help her at home is essential.

Giving your daughter the best chance to fight her illness is important. This will save her life and help her live normally. Residential treatment centers help girls with anorexia in many different ways.