Questions to Ask a Boarding School Program

For parents of troubled teens, deciding to enroll children in boarding schools is a really big decision. Once parents have decided that therapeutic boarding schools are the best alternatives for their teens, deciding on the best one can be even more difficult. That’s why Parent Resorces has created a checklist for parents which consists of questions to ask these school programs. These questions will help you evaluate different therapeutic schools to choose the best one for your troubled teen.


General Information Questions

  • Is your facility licensed and accredited as a school in your state?
  • How long does the average student stay at your facility?
  • Does your school provide therapeutic aftercare for students?
  • What is your school’s success rate with troubled teens?
  • Do you allow children to remain at your school after they turn 18 years old?
  • How many students are enrolled in your school?
  • What are the age ranges of students attending your school?
  • Is your boarding school coed? And, if so, are the boys and girls kept separated?
  • Do you do extensive background checks on your staff members prior to employing them?
  • What organization are your academics accredited through?
  • Will my teen’s transcripts from your school be accepted at our local school?
  • Are your teachers credentialed?
  • What type of experience do your teachers have?
  • Does your school work with Individual Education Plans (IEP’s)?
  • Does your boarding offer special education courses?
  • Do you offer therapeutic programs that include intense therapy?
    • If so, is this included in the tuition costs?
    • If not, how much more will it cost me, and will my insurance cover it?
  • How close is the nearest hospital to your school?
  • Do you accept troubled teens who are currently taking medication?
  • If my troubled teen doesn’t want to attend your school, will you keep them anyway?
  • Do you accept teens that need to be escorted?
  • Do you accept troubled teens with extremely aggressive behavior?
  • Do you accept troubled teens with criminal records or teens that are wards of the court?
  • How much is the tuition at your facility, and what all does it cover?
  • Does your school offer educational scholarships or loans?
  • What is your termination policy and penalties for students who leave before completing the contract?
  • Can I receive a tuition discount if I pre-pay it in full?
  • Does your school provide transportation to bus stations, train stations and airports? If so, what are the fees for these services?
  • Does your facility provide on-site staff and security 24 hours a day, 7 days a week?
  • What is the current faculty member-to-student ratio?
  • Can I visit your school’s campus prior to enrolling my teen?
  • Will I be allowed to speak with my child regularly? If so, how often?
  • Once my child is enrolled, when can I visit him/her for the first time?
  • How often will I be allowed to visit my child?
  • Are there any visitation requirements for parents?
  • Will I be allowed to take my child off-campus while enrolled in your facility?

Educational Questions

Medical and Therapeutic Questions

Behavioral Questions

Legal and Financial Questions

Safety Measures Questions

Communication and School Visits Questions

* Special Note

In most cases, parents are required to give temporary custody of their teen to the boarding school. This is necessary in the event of a medical emergency. It’s also required if your teen gets picked up by authorities or runs away from the facility. The school will need custody in these cases because authorities will only release them to a guardian or custodial. Be sure to read your contract to ensure that this temporary guardianship doesn’t supersede or replace your rights as a parent.

Find the Right Boarding School for Your Troubled Teen

If you need help finding the best boarding school for your troubled teen, Parent Resources is available to help 24 hours per day, 7 days per week. Our consultants are always standing by to answer your questions and search our database to find the best ones in your local area.

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