Programs For At Risk Girls: Are They Worth It?

High school presents many challenges for young teens, in both positive and negative directions. Teen girls in a risky high school setting could easily succumb to negative peer pressure and fall in with the wrong crowd, leading to danger and harm. To avoid this, you can enroll your teen in a special program for at risk girls in a private institution. Private schools provide teens with better opportunities to learn and grow in a secure and safe academic environment.

The Dangers of Public High Schools

Many of today’s public high schools are risky environments for teen girls, exposing them to drug and alcohol use, violence, promiscuity, etc… Sometimes teen girls feel pressured to partake in these activities in order to “fit in” with their peers. Negative peer pressure can cause a lot of damage in a young teenage girl’s life, leading her in a direction she would not ordinarily go.

Some high schools are understaffed and underfunded for the number of students they serve. This can lead to a lack in student supervision, counseling and management. Lack of funds and resources also limits teachers and counselors in the professional assistance they can offer.

How At Risk Programs Can Help

At risk programs in private schools provide girls with a safer, more secure environment for learning. Private institutions eliminate negative influences from a young girl’s life, giving her the opportunity to develop her abilities and skills in a positive, uplifting environment. These schools provide high academic standards within close-knit community atmospheres. Here girls can receive positive input from teachers and peers who care about them and their future.

Private institutions provide at risk girls with the time, attention, encouragement and support they need during the turbulent teen years. Many “troubled” teenage girls have had their lives completely changed through the guidance of professional counselors and teachers in this type of school setting. These schools have the resources and personnel to invest in their students, giving them opportunities to excel academically and socially. This input can be the catalyst that completely changes a young girl’s life, enabling her to move forward into a productive future.

At Risk Programs: Are They Worth It?

The cost of private high schools may be a financial challenge to families interested in providing a better academic atmosphere for their teens. For this reason, many private schools are offering reasonable payment options to those who need it. In some cases, girls may qualify for financial aid or scholarships to fund their private school education. By researching these and other options, you can find just the right school to meet your teen’s educational needs. will help you research various At Risk Programs for your teenage daughter. We offer free consultation. So, give us a call today.