Methamphetamine Treatment Centers

Recovery from meth addiction can be particularly difficult. This is due to some of the effects the drug has on the brain and mental functions. Because of this, finding the right methamphetamine treatment centers is extremely important. Learn about the particular effects meth has on addicts and the kind of treatment necessary to help them recover.

Challenges of Meth Addiction

When people first come off the drug, their mental capacity and mood is strongly effected. He or she may have difficulty with their memory, concentration, and their ability to make sensible choices. This makes it very hard for them to follow the instructions given by the treatment specialists.

Recovery also takes a very long time. And, unfortunately, some of the damage is irreversible. It can take years before people start to feel some improvement. This means they are waiting for a year or more to feel better and they are fighting strong urges to take the drug that whole time.

Symptoms of depression worsen after about forty-five days of sobriety. Many find experiencing any form of pleasure in this time nearly impossible. If a person is not prepared for this onset of symptoms, they will most likely relapse.

Treatment For Meth Addiction

The best treatment options will be designed to deal with the emotional and cognitive issues specific to meth addiction. The treatment needs to be well structured and intensive, spilling over to everyday aspects of life. It also needs to be lengthy, offering outpatient and aftercare options. In terms of a time frame, it should last between three months to a year or more.

Meth addicts respond well to cognitive behavioral therapy, so look for methamphetamine treatment centers that offer it. There also has to be an emphasis on relapse prevention by providing people with specific strategies to handle cravings. Teaching life skills and offering job training also increases the likelihood of success among recovering meth addicts. Finally, there needs to be attention given to some of the physical ailments addicts often suffer, such as dental care and skin infection treatment.

Finding Methamphetamine Treatment Centers

If you suspect that your teen is addicted to meth, you need to get him or her help as soon as possible. This is extremely important for teens, since their brains are still developing and can be permanently damaged from the drug.

A consultant from can help you start working on a plan to get your teen the help he/she needs right away. We help parents help their teens. Call us today.