Caring for a newborn is not an easy thing, especially if you are your first time being a mother. Questions also appeared on the mother’s head. For example, how many times does a baby have to be bathed in a day? Why do baby bottoms often look red? Do we need to clean the baby’s tongue? And others. Well, if you experience something similar, then the tips on how to care for a baby below is very important for you to see.

Caring for a Newborn Baby
Caring for a newborn is a work full of precision. Newborns must get extra treatment from their mothers so they can grow healthy and smart. So, what special treatment can you do for a newborn? Check out the following tips:

• Give breast milk for the main food of the newborn

Mother’s milk (ASI) is the best food for newborns because breast milk contains colostrum and other important substances that are good for immunity and baby’s growth and development.

• Maintain body hygiene, clothing and baby bedding

Maintaining body hygiene can be done by washing or wiping newborns twice a day. Use special baby safe products, ranging from bath soaps, shampoo, powder, and wet wipes. For clothing, make sure to wash it first before using it. Wash baby clothes with liquid detergent specifically for babies because they do not leave residues in the clothes that cause skin irritation and avoid using softeners. Make sure the bedroom is clean and the air circulation works perfectly.

• Take care of the newborn’s umbilical cord

The baby’s umbilical cord will dislodge itself within 4 days, but in certain conditions, the umbilical cord can be released longer ie 1 month. Baby care must be careful, especially caring for the umbilical cord. So no wonder this is a very difficult thing for new mothers. In essence, the umbilical cord must be kept clean so the baby can avoid the risk of infection. Here’s how to treat a baby’s umbilical cord:

• Make sure the umbilical cord and the surrounding area are always dry and hygienic, to avoid infection and fungi.
• Avoid the umbilical cord from baby feces and urine.
• Give special attention to the umbilical cord by sterilizing the umbilical cord with gauze soaked in 70{71ea086e37bdb21a51b77ec1703487e8424ada0a92b277b12b8a2a041a57240d} alcohol from the base to the end, then wrap it in a gauze soaked in alcohol neatly. Do this until the umbilical cord has dried and released itself.

• Baby cosmetics

Not only adults, but newborn care also requires cosmetics. There are many kinds of baby cosmetics, there are the baby bath, baby shampoo, baby oil, baby lotion, baby powder, baby cream, baby cologne, and hair lotion. Actually, not everything is needed by babies, so be wise in choosing. Whatever the brand, use products that have been clinically tested or Clinical Proven Mild (CMP). If a newborn baby reacts negatively when wearing certain cosmetics, for example, red spots appear on the skin, then the possibility of babies allergic to the cosmetics content. Stop using.
Switch to baby cosmetics that are free of chemicals (green product). Avoid also using deodorizers or softener products. The chemicals in it are too “strong” and can irritate the skin of a newborn baby.

• Keep the baby’s body warm

How to care for the next newborn. The baby must be warm because he is still in an adjustment period after a few months in the womb of a warm mother. To maintain the warmth of his body, you can wear baby swaddles, gloves and feet, and hats. There is an opinion to warm the baby, can the octopus be used? This is not entirely true, because using octopus makes it difficult to breathe. However, if the mother intends to use the newborn baby, try not to tie it too tight.

• Pay attention to the nails of a newborn baby

Newborn nails are still soft and thin, so parents do not have the heart to cut them. In order to maintain the health of the baby, baby care must be considered. You should cut baby nails with a special cutting tool for newborns. Sometimes babies like to put their hands in their mouths. Babies with long nails can also hurt their soft skin.