Help For Troubled Teenagers

Does your teen act like he or she is upset about something? Perhaps your teen is now spending most free time alone, avoiding family functions, and has withdrawn from life. Are you wondering why your teen is no longer interested in the things once loved? You may need help for troubled teenagers.

Your teen could be going through some serious problems. As a parent, you must figure out what is going on now. However, this can be difficult if you do not really know what to look for. Teens generally turn moody and have their interests shift. It is a part of growing up. But, this kind of behavior can also be a sign that they are setting themselves up for trouble. The key is getting to your teens before they starts behaving in ways that can impact the rest of their lives, such as failing school, turning violent, using drugs or other self destructive behaviors.

What Exactly is a “Troubled Teen” and When Should Professionals be Consulted?

There are some signs, such as extreme mood swings, changing old friends for questionable ones, a sudden change in school performance, lying about where they are, and unexplained changes in financial standing. These are all red flags, but you really need to know your teen in order to determine if there is a problem. For example, they may have changed their friends due to a falling out, or they may have a personality issue with a certain teacher.

However, you need to look at the whole picture. A few of these signs, plus a disrespectful attitude could mean something is going on. If you do suspect something, get the professionals involved right away. Catching a problem early can save you and your family some serious conflict down the road.

What Age Commonly Brings About Behavior Changes?

There is no magic age and this is a very individual issue. Most often, you will start to see some changes around adolescence. This is a hard time for any teen, as they are changing from a child to a young adult. Be careful to not compare your child to others. They are all unique and will go through this process differently.

How Can I Help My Troubled Teenager?

Trust your instincts. If you suspect that your teen is in danger, get help right away. Call our consultants here at to get started. You need to start forming a plan of action to help your teen. We offer free consultations to help parents help their teens. Call us today.