Drug Rehabilitation Facilities

Choosing drug rehabilitation facilities for teens is a difficult choice, and possibly one of the hardest you will make in your entire life. Knowing what to look for in a facility is not common knowledge. They are all different, and the programs themselves vary in terms of philosophy, clinical elements, cost, staff credentials, and effectiveness. Sometimes knowing what questions to ask can help. Here are some of those important questions:

What Programs Are Available?

Drug abuse is a complex problem, but it also has some predictable stages. The right facility should offer support through all these stages. This includes inpatient, residential, outpatient and short stay programs. The right method of treatment will depend on how big the drug problem is. Serious addictions usually need inpatient treatment, while residential programs are best for people who do not require medical care.

What Is The Cost of Drug Rehabilitation Facilities?

This is a common and legitimate question. Unfortunately, it is also somewhat complicated. Different facilities will have varying prices. The cost of their individual services will also vary. On top of that, insurance companies may or may not cover some of these services. The best way to figure out an estimated cost is to talk with intake advisers at various drug rehabilitation facilities.

Does The Treatment Have a Medical Basis?

Detoxing from drugs and alcohol must involve medical treatment. Otherwise, detoxing can be deadly. You want the program to have staff nurses to monitor patients as they go through withdrawal. Other medical issues may also come up during treatment that will require a knowledgeable and professional medical staff.

Are There Resources For Families?

Drug abuse affects the entire family. Siblings, parents, and other family members of drug addicts often need help themselves. It is also important that families be prepared for the eventual release of the person in treatment. Some places will offer lectures, workshops, family therapy and other resources.

Is There Aftercare?

Addiction is something that is not a quick fix. Most people need continued support after they are released from drug rehabilitation facilities. You want a program that offers aftercare and continuing treatment. The transition back into everyday life is tough. Most people need their treatment to be monitored once they graduate from the drug treatment initial program.

What Can I Do to Help Now?

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