Drug Rehab For Teenagers

Teens who develop problems with drugs often start out by experimenting with alcohol and marijuana. Parents are often unaware of their teens’ experimentation or they may regard this as just a passing phase. In many cases, teens who try alcohol or marijuana a few times lose interest in using them. But, for some teens, these initial experiments with mind-altering drugs become a way of life.

Teen addiction is a very complex topic. Even people who are experts on addiction do not fully understand why some people become addicts and others do not. It does appear that people who start taking a lot of drugs while they are very young have a much greater likelihood of becoming addicted than people who postpone their first attempts to use these substances until they are much older.

Although it appears that many teens who become addicts come from dysfunctional homes, it is also true that teens from very happy and well-functioning families may also become addicts. A teen who becomes addicted will soon become the focal point of a lot of family stress and anxiety. For this reason, it is important to find help, not just for the teen, but also for other family members who may feel a lot of shame and guilt. That’s where drug rehabilitation for teenagers comes into play.

Teens who become addicts do so because they enjoy the intense high they experience when they take a mind-altering substance. The brain releases a flood of chemicals that are highly pleasurable as a result of these drugs. The teen who really enjoys the sensation produced by the mind-altering substance wishes to experience this intense high over and over again.

Unfortunately, the brain quickly becomes adjusted to the substance and will no longer produce an intense high unless the dosage is increased or a stronger substance is used. Taking larger doses of stronger drugs is very dangerous and can even result in death. Drug rehabilitation for teenagers can help get to the underlying issues that are causing the teen to want to get away mentally.

For this reason, parents who are knowledgeable about the dangers of drugs wish their teens can find a way out of the nightmare that is addiction. However, a teen who realizes that his or her parents want him or her to stop taking drugs will feel that the parents are interfering with happiness. The teen will therefore be very reluctant to give up drugs unless there is an effective intervention, such as drug rehab for teenagers.

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