Drug Dependence Treatment

Parents of teens who are addicted to drugs know that their teens need help. Yet, they may be bewildered about the best option to choose. There are many factors to consider when choosing a treatment facility for a teen addict. In addition to considering the cost of the treatment and its length, it is also important to choose the best treatment for drug dependence.

When a person has an addiction, their entire life revolves around getting high. The brain and the body have become so accustomed to the presence of the drug that withdrawing from it will be very unpleasant and may even be dangerous. For this reason, anyone who is withdrawing from a substance to which they are addicted should be under medical supervision.

Once the initial withdrawal has been accomplished, it is time for the treatment portion of rehabilitation to begin. An addict who does not receive intensive therapy is very likely to take up the addicted lifestyle again. However, with the proper therapy, there is a much better chance of maintaining abstinence.

A person who is addicted to taking opiate drugs, such as heroin or morphine, will have a better chance of staying sober during the initial months if they are taking methadone in order to block their cravings. This will allow them to concentrate on their therapy instead of longing for the drug.

Most  treatment for drug dependence programs are based on a combination of individual counseling, group counseling and 12-Step Program attendance. Individual counseling may use the cognitive behavioral approach which has been found to be very effective when treating many types of psychological problems.

Because many teen addicts also have a dual diagnosis of some form of mental illness in addition to the addiction, it can be very helpful to have a psychiatrist on staff to treat all aspects of the problem.

Teen addicts may need a lot of support in learning basic lifestyle skills such as upgrading their education, improving their relationships, learning about nutrition and exercise, and having their medical problems addressed. That’s why they need professional treatment for drug dependence.

Treatment programs may be residential or outpatient. Very often, the outpatient programs are offered by medical hospitals while the residential programs may be public or private. Families often make their decision about which program to use on the basis of cost. Treatment for drug dependence programs can be very expensive. But, many are covered by insurance including Medicaid. The expense of the program should also be weighed against the long-term cost of an addiction.

A teen who has been an addict for a long time, and especially one who has failed to achieve sobriety despite several stays in a rehab facility, may find more success with a therapeutic residential program that lasts up to a year.

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