Drug Abuse Treatment Facilities

There are a variety of signs that can mean your teen is using drugs. Getting him or her into one of the many drug abuse treatment facilities to treat these problems is extremely important. There are a number of things to consider when looking at possible treatment centers. However, your main goal should be to get your teen the help they need.

Signs of Drug Abuse

One of the first signs is a dramatic change in behavior. Perhaps your teen used to participate in family activities, but now refuses to take part. He or she may also have a change in friends, or no longer be interested in things they once enjoyed. Many will start having problems with school, though this can present in a number of ways. Common signs are skipping school, failing classes, behavioral and conduct problems and suspension.

Their attitude might turn defiant, manipulative and angry. Since drugs are expensive, teens often resort to stealing in order to get money for drugs. You know your teen better than anyone. So, trust your instincts if you suspect your teen is using drugs.

Finding Drug Abuse Treatment Facilities

There are many different kinds of treatment, and determining the right one for your teen can be very difficult. It can help to look at the underlying causes of the problem. Many teens turn to drugs because they have undiagnosed psychological problems, low self-esteem or unresolved trauma issues. The right treatment facility will look at this core problem and start treating it. This requires a caring and thorough patient intake process.

You want to avoid centers that punish teens or further damage their sense of self-worth. When this happens, a teen will go back to using drugs once released from the program.

Aftercare is another service you need to look into. Quality drug abuse treatment facilities will offer continuing services once teens have graduated out of the programs.

Get Help For Your Family

Drug abuse is a serious problem, especially for teens. Quality drug abuse treatment facilities will have a thorough patient intake and evaluation process, examine any core problems, and offer aftercare.

There are resources for your family. An excellent option is parentresources.info, which is a way for you to get the professional help your teen needs. Our consultants take phone calls 24/7 and offer valuable information. The consultation is free. You can start to formulate a plan for your teen. It is important to start taking steps to get your teen off drugs as soon as possible. Call us today.