Anxiety Disorders In Teenagers

Teenagers with panic disorder often experience sudden apprehension, albeit with some symptoms. Panic disorder and anxiety attacks are common conditions that affect about six million Americans every year, according to the Anxiety and Depression Association of America.

The conditions mainly develop from early adulthood, and is more prevalent in women than in men. Teen panic disorder is not uncommon, though. Some of the symptoms include feelings of imminent danger, a need to escape, heart palpitations, trembling, sweating, shortness of breath, chest pain and dizziness among many others.

Many of the symptoms of panic disorder are similar to those of cardiovascular diseases. As such, patients often visit emergency rooms in fear of life threatening illnesses only to find out that everything is fine. Further, panic attacks compound the problem and patients may decide to suffer alone in silence.

When left untreated, anxiety attacks could potentially develop into agoraphobia, whereby individuals become afraid of venturing into public situations and places. Nonetheless, anxiety attacks are curable, although less than half of the people suffering from them seek treatment from professionals.

Almost all healthcare professionals agree that early treatment is the best way to tackle anxiety attacks among patients, and prevent future recurrences. The following steps will assist patients to find the most reliable help for anxiety attacks:

  1. Consult A General Physician – A general practitioner will evaluate ones medical history, and assess his/her current regimen of medications. This will help to rule out the possibility of medicinal drug connection with the anxiety attacks. The doctor will then refer the patient to a suitable mental health specialist for preliminary diagnosis and treatment.
  2. Consult A Specialist – Psychiatrists and psychologists are medical experts in mental health conditions. As such, these professionals are in the best position to diagnose as well as treat patients with panic disorder syndrome.
  3. Undertake Therapy – Professional therapy is the most suitable means of treating panic attacks. Different forms of therapeutic programs are available for treating anxiety disorders among teenagers. Patients can choose the most appropriate setting to ensure quick recovery.
  4. Home Support – Family and friends normally offer great support systems for individuals suffering from panic attacks. Doctors advise family members to make the patient feel at ease at all times, and understand the triggers of his/her symptoms. Ample support from family and friends will accelerate the healing process, and possibly prevent future recurrences of the condition.

Panic disorder affects millions of Americans. Many of them do not seek treatment due to personal reasons. This condition is treatable using a combination of drugs and therapy from healthcare professionals.

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